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BP has a proud history of supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Over the past decade their ongoing commitment has led to a number of initiatives including offering subsidised fuel for MotM Driving School Ltd.

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WELCOME to Murri’s on the Move Driving School Ltd (MotM)

We are dedicated to providing the transfer of safe driving skills and driver education to Indigenous youth and other disadvantaged sectors of the community.

Murri’s on the Move Driving School provides a strategy to eliminate key barriers to obtaining a driver license. We offer a real opportunity to ensure that these barriers no longer limit our people and to engage to become Deadly Drivers by providing “A Culture for Safe Driving”.

We Are Here To Help You Succeed

  • Self Confidence Pathway

  • Best practice driver education

  • Create Personal and Economic Opportunity

  • Culturally appropriate engagement and training

  • Students develop safe, courteous, and lawful road user skills and behaviour

  • Skill transfer and training for young Indigenous people to gain a driver license to empower them to drive their culture forward.

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